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5 - 7 yrs

At this level, the students will learn the foundation of the sport. They’ll get to work on the basics of the fight stance, movement, basic punches and basic kicks. All of this mixed with some tailored conditioning and some fun.



Kickboxing Beginners
8 - 10 yrs

Students will get to improve their fitness and coordination while learning some of the basics of the sport. They’ll get to work on punches, kicks and knees, as well as start learning basic blocks and get introduced to Technical Sparring.


Kickboxing ADVANCED
8 - 10 yrs

In this Advanced level, students will go through tailored conditioning while sharpening their punches, kicks and knees techniques. They will go a little deeper on the defenses, getting to work more on performance with Technical Sparring.


11 - 14 yrs

This level focuses on teaching the primary techniques of the sport, from the basics of fight stance and movements to all fundamental punches, kicks, knees and blocks. Their strength and conditioning sessions will be more intense. They will be introduced to the performance side of the sport through many performance drills and Sparring. 



Kickboxing ADVANCED
11 - 14 yrs

At this level, students get to try more challenging movements and grind to master all the striking and defensive skills. They’ll undergo a more intense Strength and Conditioning routine and focus on performance, putting their skills to practice in many sparring drills and frequent sparring.


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The assessment is less than 30 minutes and involves going through a few basic moves to analyze your child’s level. After that, we’re ready to roll.





    Before we start, we carefully assess each child’s specific skills, performance, and fitness in their chosen sport. This helps us know exactly where they belong.


    These programs are designed in advance for every level by experienced, ex-elite sports coaches. And you, as parents, can see what challenges are coming up in each week of term and which objectives your child will be working on.


    We then track the development of their skills throughout the term, following which ones are improving—and more importantly, which ones aren’t. This honest and detailed approach helps them improve much more consistently, and perfect skills that last a lifetime.


    At the end of each term, we can give them clear targets to focus on, allowing you to help them hone some skills at home, or in 1-1 classes with our specialists. Eventually, when they’re ready, they progress to the next level—or are reallocated to the class that’s best for them.