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Swimming is the classic all-round exercise—for anyone who wants to get fit and stay fit. Eight 50-metre lanes make our Olympic sized pool unrivaled in Dubai. Our outstanding aquatic fitness programs and swimming lessons are designed for professionals, amateurs and newcomers who want to learn how to swim.


Surrounded on three sides by floor-to-ceiling windows, the bright, state-of-the-art pool is a destination in itself. The grandstand and exceptional acoustics make it just as cool for spectators as it is for swimmers. Water is 12 times more resistant than air, so swimming really helps to build:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Shoulders
  • Back muscles
  • Core
  • Legs
  • Hips
  • Glutes
  • Lung capacity

… with minimal impact on your joints or bones. Sometimes the most effective exercises are the simplest. And wettest.


Adult Beginner Fitness (60 minutes)

The next level of progression after our Adult Learn to swim (LTS) classes. The classes run for 1 hour and all swimmers are required to be able to swim a minimum of 100m freestyle efficiently. On average the sets will cover around 1, 200 to 1,400 meters. All major skills are practiced and students are encouraged to challenge themselves as much as possible in each class. These swimming lessons are the best in Dubai and a great way to keep your fitness levels up in a fun, social team environment!

Adult Learn to swim (30 minutes)

These swimming classes are for any swimmer who does not know how to do freestyle with a proper breathing and kicking technique. Even if one can do breaststroke and is unable to do freestyle they are put into Adult LTS.
Beginner Learn To Swim – These swimming lessons will help adults learn the very basics such as breathing and kicking.
Advanced Learn To Swim – These swimming classes are designed for swimmers who can kick and know the correct breathing technique with freestyle drills being introduced. From this step they will build a freestyle stroke to enable them to attend Adult Fitness.

Note: Each class is 30 minutes long and they are able to attend 3 sessions per week. Even if one can swim a little freestyle but struggle with breathing and technique they should still attend advanced Learn To Swim.

Adult Swim Fitness (60 minutes)

The swimmer has to be able to swim a minimum of 500 meters freestyle and have a solid freestyle technique. Freestyle is the only stroke practiced in this Adult Swimming Classes and the main goal for this group is to build fitness and endurance so that they can attend the TRI squad. Drills are also a main focus to improve technique so fins are used most of the time. Kicking with fins is also incorporated into the program and is important, as it is NOT practiced in the Tri squad. Each adult swimming lesson is between 1.5km-2km and is focused around short sprint sets.

Note: Adult Fitness is the second easiest adult class as this is a step up from Adult Learn To Swim. The goal of this class is to get the swimmer into Tri Squad, if they wish to do so.

Ladies Fitness (60 minutes)

This is a tougher class than Adult Fitness and the swimmer usually swims between
2-2.5km per session. There are no drills in the Ladies Fitness program so each session is always freestyle and stroke orientated. Stroke meaning they can choose a different stroke other than freestyle. There is a lot of pulling and kicking in the program so fins are always worn during each adult swimming lessons. The goal is to make each Ladies Fitness session challenging and at the same time increase fitness and endurance so that they can attend Tri squad if they wish to.

Note: Ladies fitness training program is not an easy class. There are no drills incorporated into the training session and kicking, pulling, stroke and freestyle sets are always the main focus.

Tri Squad (Morning 90 minutes, Evening 60 minutes)

This is the most difficult adult swimming class that we have to offer and they will need to be able to swim a minimum of 1km. The swimmer usually covers between 3km-3.5km per session. Each training session is focused around speed work and high-intensity training. Little stroke work is in each session and there is no kicking. The goal of the program is to help anyone trying to improve their swim leg of a triathlon or if they are experienced swimmers that want a difficult and challenging swimming lesson to stay in good shape. There is always a lot of pulling with paddles and pull buoy in each training session.

Note: This is a difficult class. High-intensity training is the main focus with little emphasis put on aerobic work. There is no running or cycling with this class.

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