CrossFit at FitRepublik Sports City


CrossFit is the ‘Sport of Fitness’ that involves constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity.


Our specialized CrossFit classes are a powerful blend of weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning elements. The goal of CrossFit Aptior is to prepare anyone for all-around challenges both mentally and physically. Our qualified CrossFit gym coaches make the workouts safe, fun and accessible to everyone.


CrossFit workouts at FitRepublik can be scaled to an individual’s abilities. Whether you are an elite athlete, or an active individual who is ready to take your workouts to the next level, or someone completely new to fitness and looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass and strength, our CrossFit classes in Dubai can cater to your goals and needs. Our world-class CrossFit box, passionate and tentative coaches, and fun community is what we pride ourselves in.

So come and join in on our fitness community in Dubai, Sports City, workout with like-minded people, make new friends… and join thousands worldwide that are making CrossFit a global phenomenon.
CrossFit Aptior is the officially registered CrossFit provider at FitRepublik in Dubai, Sports City.

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CrossFit 101 - (60minutes)

This one-hour introductory class is the starting point for anyone who is thinking about joining CrossFit Aptior in Dubai. Three times a week, we cover the basic methodology of CrossFit and teach you some foundational movements along with the progressions that match your ability/level. You will also be introduced to the high-intensity metabolic conditioning workouts that you will encounter in our CrossFit classes. In these classes, you learn the basics of all the Olympic Lifting movements that are an essential part of our CrossFit classes. We suggest you attend all three hours a week to be ready for regular CrossFit classes.

This CrossFit class is FREE as part of our basic FitRepublik membership, so come along and give it a go!

Basefit - (60 minutes)

BaseFit is a 12-week CrossFit program which focuses on improving body composition with a 4x a week structured program to optimize results. We focus on using bodyweight exercises, light loads, and cardiovascular exercises in all the workouts that help you reach your goals, be it weight loss, building power, strength or endurance. The Basefit gym workouts are fun and constantly changing. This class is a perfect fit for anyone with zero experience in fitness right up to the serious cardio bunnies. All members meet weekly on a Saturday to do a one-to-one body composition test and discuss their lifestyle changes with the coach.

CrossFit - (60 minutes)

Seriously fun and highly addictive, the community-driven CrossFit fitness program that is sweeping the world with its phenomenal results. We build on mechanics before intensity, we develop all aspects of fitness with constantly varied CrossFit gym workouts under high intensity. Every individual in our community is scaled to their own ability, there is no such thing as “I’m not fit enough” for CrossFit. Through CrossFit Aptior, We teach you how to move, we teach how to scale workouts, we teach you how to look after your body, we coach you to become fitter and guide you with life’s obstacles outside the Gym. Because we view our community as one family, having fun together on our fitness journey.

CrossFit Endurance - (60 minutes)

Increase your endurance capacity and train to perform longer, through FitRepublik’s CrossFit Endurance program in Dubai. Our CrossFit endurance classes involve varied metcon workouts and are scaled to each individual. This CrossFit class is open to all abilities.

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